Resume & Coursework

Relevant Coursework

All courses listed are taken at the University of Pennsylvania.
* denotes graduate-level coursework.

ECON 2100    Intermediate Microeconomics    Dr. George Mailath    Spring 2022
ECON 2300    Econometric Data Science    Dr. Karun Adusumilli    Spring 2022
ECON 2200    Intermediate Macroeconomics    Dr. Dirk Krüger    Fall 2022
ECON 2310    Econometric Methods and Models    Dr. Xu Cheng    Fall 2022
ECON 4430    Labor Economics    Dr. Andrew Shephard    Fall 2023
ECON 4170    Economic Contract Theory    Dr. Steven Matthews    Spring 2024
ECON 4310    Macro-econometric Modeling    Dr. Frank Schorfheide    Spring 2024
ECON 6100*    Microeconomic Theory    Dr. Steven Matthews    Fall 2024
ECON 4900    Honors Thesis    Dr. Jere Behrman    Fall 2024
MATH 1410    Multivariate Calculus    Dr. Yingdi Qin    Fall 2021
MATH 2030    Proofs in Algebra    Dr. Renee Bell    Spring 2022
MATH 2400    Linear Algebra & ODEs    Dr. Ching-Li Chai    Spring 2022
ESE 3010    Probability    Dr. Santosh Venkatesh    Spring 2023
MATH 3600    Real Analysis (Univariate)    Dr. Sarah Strikwerda    Fall 2023
MATH 3610    Real Analysis (Multivariate)    Dr. Robert Strain    Spring 2024
AMCS 5141*    Advanced Linear Algebra    Dr. Angela Gibney    Fall 2024
OIDD 9300*    Stochastic Models    Dr. Maria Rieders    Fall 2024
CIS 5450*    Big Data Analytics    Dr. Zachary Ives    Spring 2023
ESE 5420*    Statistics for Data Science    Dr. Hamed Hassani    Fall 2023
CIS 5200*    Machine Learning    Dr. Jacob Gardner    Fall 2023
STAT 5350*    Time Series Forecasting    Dr. Paul Shaman    Fall 2023
STAT 9210*    Observational Studies    Dr. Dylan Small    Spring 2024
MKTG 7760*    Applied Probability Models in Marketing    Dr. Peter Fader    Spring 2024
COMM 3200    Common Sense and Data Science    Dr. Duncan Watts    Fall 2024
CIS 1200    Programming Languages and Techniques    Dr. Swapneel Sheth
Dr. Benjamin Pierce   
Fall 2022
CIS 1600    Discrete Mathematics for CS    Dr. Rajiv Gandhi    Fall 2022
CIS 1210    Data Structures & Algorithms    Dr. Rajiv Gandhi    Spring 2023