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Lifetime Job Mobility in the United States: A Negative Binomial Analysis
Paper for MKTG 7760: Applied Probability Models in Marketing

How Do Free Rides and Text Reminders Affect COVID-19 Vaccinations? A 3.5-Million Person Megastudy
Milkman, K.L., S.F. Ellis, D.M. Gromet, A.S. Luscher, R.S. Mobarak, M.K. Paxson, R.A. Silvera Zumaran, R. Kuan, R. Berman, N.A. Lewis Jr, J.A. List, M.S. Patel, C. Van den Bulte, K.G. Volpp, M.V. Beauvais, J.K. Bellows, C.A. Marandola, and A.L. Duckworth. Revise and Resubmit at Nature.